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In order to achieve this wealth of benefits, a one-time membership fee and a monthly administration fee is charged to each member. Hudson Barter Exchange will use these fees to continually market you to the other members via…

Robust Online Membership Area Where You Can See Who Your Fellow Members Are

Barter_Check Daily Emails Keeping You Up-to-Date on New Members

Barter_Check Regular Mailers To Constantly Keep Your Business Top-Of-Mind

Barter_CheckQuarterly Networking Events So You Can Meet Your Trading Partners


Hudson Barter Exchange also charges a transaction fee on all sales and purchases. It is our significant experience in sales building that you get what you pay for. It is in our (and your) best interest to encourage and facilitate an environment where members actively use the barter system to save cash. This creates a win-win situation for all members of the exchange. To that end, if you call your business associates and pre-sell them on the benefits of joining the Hudson Barter Exchange, we will pay you a $200 HBX Barter Dollar referral fee.

Your Investment For Our Services

Barter_Check $399 Membership Fee

Barter_Check 7% Cash Fee On All Sales & Purchases

Barter_Check $19 Cash and $19 Barter For Monthly Administration Fee (No Fees for First 6 Months)

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