“I have belonged to Barter Exchanges my whole life but no one gives the kind of customer service that Hudson Barter Exchange gives. They are always available whenever you need them. I had my website built on trade through HBX and it is fabulous.”
Westport Collections
Pammy Anandani
Scott Gorky, owner of Atlas Party Rentals explains... "Trading is a natural process for us. If we haven’t rented our tables, chairs, tents, etc. at any given time, it is a lost opportunity. HBX has brought us many events that we probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I was thrilled to be able to turn a rental opportunity into new, professional photography of the flatware and stemware on my website."
Atlas Party Rentals
Scott Gorky, Owner
"When the owners of HBX walked into my store, I asked where they had been for the last 20 years. Trading in this economic climate is a natural and HBX handles all of the accounts so we always get fair treatment. We have even traded out our Southhampton, NY cottage to another member which was great because it would have been empty. I am using my trade to get 5 pairs of eyeglasses re-framed and was very excited to buy a full page ad in an upscale magazine that I would not have been able to afford for cash. Bartering does lead to more cash business."
Framings of Armonk
Judy Willsey
“We need new cash business. The best way to get it is to aggressively market the company but the advertising budget is tight this year. Trading through HBX has allowed us to buy print and online advertising in key markets to help expand our cash business.”
SH Window Cleaning
CM Simbana
“Our experience with Hudson Barter Exchange has been truly fantastic. They have brought us trade advertisers who we are glad to have in our publications and we have traded for everything from printing to vacations to ski lift tickets to wireless keyboards. We even used one of their moving companies. All of their members are so professional.”
InspiriaMedia Group
Nick Simard
“I have met so many great people through HBX. I now share office space with a member whom I met there. The networking opportunity is fantastic for my small business.”
Linda Thomas
“Just got back from an HBX members amazing home in Naples Florida. It was a 4 bedroom palace that we loved every minute of. Just got several pieces of unique, hand crafted furniture for our home. Most importantly, my business is at an all time high because I have used my HBX trade dollars to purchase theatre tickets that I give to clients that helps me close cash business.”
Smart Shopper
John Raheb
“HBX clearly brings me business that I would not have otherwise. People have driven quite a distance to use my garage. I always want more because having an idle bay does me no good and there are so many things I can fund with members of the exchange."
ANR Auto
Neil Ricchiuti
“Flawless proposition… I trade my Saint Croix Condo to members of HBX and I have used the trade credits for power washing my home, massages, framing, Yankee tickets and auto repair.”
Condo Owner
Rob DeRocker
“It’s great working with members of HBX. They have brought me jobs in towns that I have never marketed in. I have been using my trade for advertising opportunities but now I am sending my son to summer camp on trade. I was so glad to not have to write that check.”
Clover Comfort
Anthony Marmo
"Hudson Barter Exchange has brought us many clients whom we would not have met otherwise. We have used the money to have our landscaping done, advertise and dine out. I never get to see that money but I get to spend it. We intend on trading a lot more to conserve our cash for other projects."
Maid Brigade
Robin Murphy

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