Several times a year we have awesome networking events for our members. They have been at restaurants, night clubs, and event locations. We offer excellent food, drinks, and music – all at no cost to our members. We also make sure to actively meet, greet, and make introductions. Networking only works if you make the right connections. We’re there to make sure that happens.

In addition, we do two other kinds of networking on our members behalf. First, we belong to many Chambers of Commerce throughout the area (see below). This allows us to introduce the barter network and recruit high quality companies as members.

We also do another kind of networking on our members behalf. People are often surprised by how many barter networks there are. While each functions mostly in a local area, there are also products and services that are not limited to location. Through our networks of barter companies, we can sell things across town, across the country, even around the world! Likewise, this vastly increases what we have to offer our members. Want to go on safari in Africa or fishing in Alaska? How about your own private island for vacation? We can arrange that!


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