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Member: Media Company

Objective: Our objective in joining HBX threefold. We are a media and marketing company with full suite of online and offline offerings as well as being a media sales company. Our primary objective was to help reduce our cash overhead for staff and for office needs. Our second objective was to build our portfolio by working on additional categories for web design and SEO. Our third objective was to continue enjoying our non-work time in a tight cash environment.

Execution: HBX has marketed us to membership regularly offering out web design, web hosting, SEO, graphic design, and media placements in our print vehicles. They have marketed us to members to try and find trade partners for us to work with through email, their regular newsletter, and through the brokers in the office who are like an extended sales force for us.

Results: Involvement in HBX resulted in our meeting all of our objectives. We were introduced to a slew of business owners that we have traded our service to helping us build a diverse array of client categories. We reduced our cash expenses during the recession by trading for our phone system, movers, IT people, printing, and signs. We also use HBX Barter dollars to run sales contests and give them out as bonuses to our staff who love to use them for things they need. Nothing works better than offering sales people incentives! As a media company, we take out clients often and also send out gifts to big clients. All of this has been funded through HBX Trade dollars.

Outside of work, the income from HBX has helped us pay for our love of dining out, skiing, vacations and they have the best optical shop! Their car service to the airport is great and the places we have stayed have been amazing.

Member: Heating and Air Conditioning/Air Quality Company

Objective: My business was doing okay in the teeth of the recession but we were not working at full capacity so I knew I could take on more customers. New customers lead to word-of-mouth referrals that lead to new cash customers. Also, many companies are chasing less business so it was important to get the word out through marketing.

Execution: HBX finds me new customers to work with. It has fit right into the flow of our business and not been tough to absorb at all. We have put in hot water heaters, fixed compressors, laid ductwork, done green auditing on members environments and sold many service contracts which we back up 100%.

Results: New business from HBX funded our radio campaign. A marketing company from the exchange came up with an extremely clever creative that we ran for 6 weeks on local radio all paid for with my barter bucks. We closed over $50,000 new cash business as a result of the campaign and we are looking to do it again. We also get our office cleaned and I had my truck lettered. The barter bucks also paid for several vacations, my son’s private tutoring, my son’s summer camp, and my son’s SAT training and College Counseling, my need to go see the Yankees, and my girlfriend’s hair stylist! Anything I need, I call my HBX broker first to see if they can find me a trading partner.

Member: Maid Service

Objective: As business slowed way down, we had many excellent staffers who we did not want to let go as good people are so hard to find. We needed to stay busy and we needed to reduce our expenses at the office and at home to afford taking less cash out of our business.

Execution: HBX markets me to all of the members but no one can sell my business like me so I love the HBX networking events where I meet the members and then they want to give us a try. We are extremely proud of our high level of service and know that once a member tries us, they will love working with us.

Results: We do regular cleaning for many HBX members and are glad to service them the same as a cash customer. Trade dollars via HBX have paid for advertising that kept the phone ringing. It also paid to have our offices painted, for our IT company and regular pest control at our offices. We had our direct mailing cards all printed on trade as well. Outside of work, HBX has paid for many of our children’s parties, our landscaping, our new countertops and even to have my house decorated for the holidays. My favorite trade was to have my driveway graded and paved through another great member.

Member: DJ / Entertainment Company

Objective: Every time my company works a party, the room is filled with prospects for future parties so we always want as much business as we can get. My company is always evolving so we need new and additional marketing. I also love music and sports in my personal life so we are eager to do trade with other members.

Execution: HBX gets me out there whenever someone needs a DJ for an event, a character or magician, or even just a sound system for a corporate event. They advertise me often and whenever I reach out to them via phone or email, their response time and service is excellent.

Results: I have invested a lot of trade in advertising which helps build my company. I did a trade show paid for with my barter dollars. I moved offices so the move was on trade and I got office furniture and office equipment all through trade at a time I was so glad to not have to lay out cash. Now I use the exchange whenever I have an expense arise. We love to eat out and HBX has first class restaurants too.

Member: Restaurant Owner

Objective: We have empty tables every night of the week. Saturdays are obviously our busiest day but even then we have at least one empty table at all times. We need to stay top of mind with potential customers so they think of us when they are making dining decisions. We also need to reduce our operating cost.

Execution: HBX purchased a large block of gift certificates from us. They sell them to members who often give them to employees or come in with other couples. This was a great way for lots of new people to discover our place.

Results: We used our trade to fix the SEO on our website, to do new photography for our website, and place advertising in key markets for us. We could not afford to pay cash for advertising so this worked out great. We also get our pest control on trade. Just last week we had our refrigeration repaired that saved me a large out of pocket expense. We are now printing menus on trade and I am talking to the coffee roaster because if we can lower our cash expense on coffee, we will make a larger profit monthly. I also plan to talk to an HBX accountant as mine is great but costs a large chunk of cash each year.


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