Welcome to The Hudson Barter Exchange

HBX is a privately-owned barter exchange located in Westchester County, NY—just north of NY City. If the answer to any of the following questions is yes, then HBX is a perfect tool to help your cash business grow.

Barter_Check Do you have capacity to handle new customers?

Barter_Check Do you need more cash flow?

Barter_Check Do you have open appointment slots on your calendar?

Barter_Check Do you have empty seats in your restaurant or venue?

Barter_Check Do you have excess inventory you would like to clear out?

Your company’s time and capacity are expiring assets. Hudson Barter Exchange will bring you new, incremental business that you easily service and turn these expiring assets into goods and services you have coveted or that you have previously paid cash for.

How It Works

Hudson Barter Exchange is an Alternative Payment System. HBX finds your company incremental business from other members and this is traded for goods and services that you need for your business or personal life.

Benefits of Membership

It is remarkable that history’s oldest form of commerce is a sizzling hot way to expand your company's value and business.

Who We Are

The Hudson Barter Exchange staff represents decades of Media, Marketing and Sales experience. You can count on us to keep you up-to-date on every conceivable marketing opportunity that can help your business grow.